How is Testosterone Measured in Women?
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Why Do Women Need Testosterone?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can be incredibly effective for treating the symptoms associated with aging. Many individuals can experience fatigue, loss of mental clarity, and trouble sleeping or lack of libido due to the decline in hormone production within their bodies. BHRT is the perfect solution for individuals seeking to improve their quality of life during the second half of their life. Despite the incredible benefits, there are misconceptions surrounding the use of hormones. Let’s talk about testosterone – a hormone that women need just as much as men!

Do Women Need Testosterone?

The short answer is yes, women need testosterone. Surprisingly, middle-aged women in their thirties produce 3-4 more times testosterone than estradiol, the most common form of estrogen. Testosterone plays a crucial role in our bodily functions, including libido, sexual arousal and orgasm, metabolic function, muscle and bone strength, urogenital health, cognitive function, and mood.

Do Healthy Women Need Testosterone?

How is Testosterone Measured in Women?

Are you curious about how your testosterone levels can be measured? At the Dragonfly MedSpa and Hormone Wellness, we measure hormone levels, including testosterone, in both men and women through blood tests. These tests are sent to third-party labs, such as Quest and LabCorp, and are subsequently analyzed and interpreted by our doctor, an expert with extensive knowledge of hormones. The assessment and interpretation of testosterone levels can be problematic, as the majority of testosterone is protein-bound. Total testosterone can be measured, but for greater accuracy, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels should also be taken into account.

Our Provider Treats YOU Not Just Your Numbers

It’s essential to work with a provider who takes a comprehensive approach to treating aging and hormone related symptoms. Monitoring your hormone levels is only one piece of the puzzle. A trusted provider understands that you and your body are greater than the sum of its parts or the numbers found in your lab test. At Dragonfly MedSpa and Hormone Wellness, we’re here to help you live your best life by providing evidence-based, custom-tailored Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy (BHRT).

If you’re experiencing aging symptoms and ready to take charge of your quality of life, consider Hormone Replacement Therapy. Contact our experts today to learn how BHRT could improve your life drastically.

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