Eyebrow and Brow Thread Lift

LIP THREADS – an alternative to lip fillers

Lip Threads are quickly gaining popularity as another option to lip filler, when the patient wants to improve the shape and definition of the lip line, rather than just increasing the volume of lips. Lip Threads help to create youthful contours, reversing the appearance of aging lip line. 

The process, FDA approved in 2019, involves inserting a very fine surgical thread along the border of the natural lip line, accentuating the outer edge of the lips.  The threads, stimulate the production of collagen, giving the lip more definition, improving shape and lift of the lip silhouette.

Although a stand alone treatment if the object is to crisp up lip lines and shap, Lip Threads can be combine with dermal filler to give additional volume.

BROW THREAD LIFT – create a beautiful silhouette

As skin matures, a loss of collagen and firmness causes facial features to become more lax and sagging can appear.  This can cause a loss of eyebrow arch and can leave you looking tired, sad and even angry.  Who wants that?  Fortunately, an eyebrow thread lift can correct this and bring back an eye opening, rested effect.  This non-invasive treatment has minimal downtime.

The Polydioxanone (PDO) Thread is an absorbable polymer, thinner than a human hair.  The PDO thread visibly lifts the eyebrow and the regenerative effects of collagen boosting creates volume and firmness in the brow line.  Ideal candidates for an Eyebrow Thread Lift are patients who have a sagging brow line, tired appearance from brown laxity and heavy upper eyelids.    

PDO Threads are inserted in brow via needle or cannula, then lifted and tightened.  The cannula is removed and excess threads are trimmed off.  There may be minor bruising or swelling and healing takes approximately 2 weeks, although most have the majority of healing within 7-10 days.  Threads are dissolvable over a period of 3-6 months, although the collagen production will maintain the lifting effect.  Results can last up to a year, based on individual patients’ skin laxity.

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